Battery Safety 101


Vaping is one of the great new innovations of the 21st century. It has made old habits like smoking less harmful and much more interesting. While also giving the everyday sesher peace of mind. (That’s the Session Eleven sweet spot!)

However along with all the good there are still some things you need to know and do to minimise harm. You wouldn’t go bungee jumping before making sure your harness wasn’t completely in order.  It’s the same with vaping; both liquid and dry.

A lot of the social controversy that surrounds vaping is due to freak accidents like exploding e-cigarette batteries reaching the mainstream media. However accidents like these aren't exclusive to vaping. Anyone remember the SAMSUNG phone incident

A huge part of the mainstream aversion to vaping is because of disproportionate representation in the mainstream media. If you only hear about vaping (or anything for that matter) when something goes wrong of course there would be some resistance. However most of the time in these particular situations these accidents occur because of misuse in the first place. 

So whether it’s a vape or a phone, these tips should ensure that your batteries won’t explode in your face. 

  • Handle with care- try not to chuck your vape or batteries (if they’re removable) around. Any damages to the battery, even if it looks fine on the outside, could cause more harm to you than just a flat battery

  • The big boys- in the case of batteries and vapes, sticking with the big brands and known names is best. Avoid buying second hand or unbranded batteries or vapes . And avoid knockoffs. They’re “knock offs” for a reason (sometimes these ones don't pass safety checks!). Always buy from certified brands.

  • Less is more – do not overcharge, this can cause your battery to overheat or worse. Sometimes the safety features which stop charging when the battery is full can fail. Avoid charging when you can’t keep an eye on it, or charging overnight.

  • Wrap 'em up – removable batteries or spares should always be kept separate from each other and from other metal objects so they don’t rub together. If you’re carrying them around in your pocket or bag make sure they’re in their proper casing and are completely covered.

  • The right fit - use the proper power adapter that’s meant for your battery or vape. This ties in with overcharging. You want to avoid using power adapters with too high voltages or that aren’t from the manufacturer of the product..

  • Any will NOT do - Use the right batteries! Do not buy second hand, unbranded, and knock-offs are a no-no. If you can, contact your retailer for spares and if you’re within warranty you could even get a replacement for damaged or worn out batteries. The bargain is not worth the risk.

If you follow these tips you shouldn't have to worry about batteries exploding in your fave. After all, the reason most of us vape is for peace of mind.

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