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Dynavap M 2018


The M by DYNAVAP is a step forward in vaporizer technology, achieved by removing what seemingly may be an integral part of the experience; the electronics. While most commercial vaporizers use electronic ceramic chambers to vape your dried herbs, the M separates itself by using a lighter (yes, a lighter) to heat and vaporize the contents. With the The M’s portability and effectiveness, it offers a cheap and efficient vaping experience that will excite both new and experienced vapers.

Wait, go back a step, it uses a lighter? How does it classify as a vape then?

Good question!

Steering away from conventional vaporizer designs, Dynavap has developed a whole new type of dry herb vaporizer: the ‘vapcap’, creating a new experience for new and seasoned vapers. Dynavap’s signature vapcap makes two distinct clicking noises when the M reaches optimal vaping temperature.  The temperature can vary depending on where the user places the flame on the vapcap when heating up the M. This gives the vaper greater control of the vaping experience with the M, despite the lack of electronic temperature controls. 

Because the M only requires a good lighter and your personal choice of dry herb, it can be used anywhere, anytime! Either on the go, at home, or even on gas stovetop. Our personal favourite is using the M while making a meal (talk about munchies!). The M creates endless opportunities for use in any environment you see fit.

Pros & Cons

Every product has its good and bad qualities, let's assess what the M brings to the table; and what it doesn’t.




Fast heat time

The M heats up anywhere from 2-3 seconds to 10 seconds depending on your lighter of choice. Regardless of the range, 10 seconds to heat up is extremely fast and will beat most vaporizers on the market.


Supreme Portability

A major asset the M has is its portability. With its slim profile and 92mm length, you would be hard pressed to find a vape as portable as the M. At the bus stop? Whip out the M. Walking home from work? Whip out the M. At a concert? You get the drift. With the ability to sit in even the smallest pockets, the M leads the way in ease of use on the go.


Rock-Solid Build

The medical grade stainless steel that the M is constructed from gives you peace of mind in regardless to the care and use of the product. As many of the vaporizers on the market are constructed with plastic and use electronics, impact damage (dropping, hitting, compressing) is a very real worry for many users; especially if the vaporizer is in the $300+ price range. The M is near-indestructible and even if you did break it, it’s far cheaper to replace than nearly anything on the market.


Similar to Smoking

We thoroughly recommend the M to first time vapers, particularly those who are making the switch from smoking to vaping. This is thanks to its cigarette-shaped profile, light weight and the use of a lighter, making the experience very similar to smoking. Many other reviews support this notion, one Reddit user commented that the M "is definitely one of the best vapes on the market...the closest experience to smoking you can achieve vaping, therefore being the best option for those looking to switch over and stay there".



The M’s aesthetic is simply fantastic. The sleek, stainless steel design looks sharp and clean, with a great feel in the hands and mouth during a session. The design allows for easy grip and use despite it’s small and thin shape.

Pure Flavour

Many users across a range of websites have reviewed the M and raved about the flavour they receive from the use of the M. In regards to the flavour, reviews include ‘best flavour’ and ‘smoothest vaporizer I have ever used’, supporting the M’s flavourful taste. This is thanks to the complete lack of plastics which means your vapour will be as pure as can be.


A good lighter is a near-necessity

As the M needs a lighter to heat the chamber, a typical lighter that you would find at a servo or shopping centre may not be strong enough for your taste. Some reports have found that users dislike how long it takes to heat up using a standard lighter. Many opt in to buying a jet lighter, as this only requires a few seconds to heat up compared to a slower heat up time with a standard lighter. A few seconds longer may not annoy many people, but the inconvenience of an ordinary, slow-heating lighter pushes most users toward jet lighters. Luckily at Session Eleven we have you covered with our Zico Jet Lighter.


Small Chamber Size

Being a small, portable product the chamber size of the M is quite small. For most users, this isn’t an issue. But for some heavier smokers/vapers, the small ‘hits’ they experience using the M simply aren’t enough. This means you may have to reload more often than you’d like, but luckily the end of Dynavap’s famous Vapcap can be used to scrape out your vaporized herbs!


Skill Required

The M vape makes a distinct clicking noise when it reaches optimal temperature. Users must be keenly aware of is that if the flame remains on the heating cap for 3 seconds or more after the click, permanent damage can occur to the heating cap. This is a very small window and can easily occur if the user is distracted while using the M or in loud environments. This the user must be focused on the M entirely while heating the vape. You’ll also need to wait for the M to click again while it’s cooling down before reheating. Once you get used to it, you should have developed a nice rhythm which can be enjoyable in and of itself.


The Grind

This shouldn’t be an issue for many users, the M has been recorded to leak through finely ground products. Those who use a finer grind may find that the herbs can leak through and go into the user’s mouth. Dynavap recommends using a more coarse grind. If you think your grinder may be too fine for the M, check out our Session Eleven Grinders which are designed specifically for dry herb vaporizers.


In summary

The M can generally serve the needs of any vaper. If you’re looking for a beast of a vape that can make enough vapour for a group, you’re better off looking at something like the Arizer Extreme Q . But if portability, ease of use, durability, aesthetics and sheer value are what you’re looking for, the M is just for you. .

The team here at session eleven was hard pressed to find any negatives  for the M and most of those are easily fixed, so we give the M by DYNAVAP, a 9/10.

If you’re looking to purchase an M at competitive prices and with fast shipping straight out of Melbourne, check it out here.

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