The Omnivong (Dark Wood)
The Omnivong (Dark Wood)

The Omnivong (Dark Wood)

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The Omni Difference

The ‘omni’ range of dynavap vaporizers feature a titanium body. Titanium is lighter and stronger than the stainless steel of found in an ordinary Dynavap. The omnivong combines the high quality titanium with a wooden midsection which can fit into 14mm water pipe. 

Thanks to its lightweight materials, the omnivong feels great and combines perfectly with a water pipe.

Battery Free

Struggle to keep your devices charged? This is the vape for you. 

Separating themselves from conventional vaporizers, the Omnivong uses an open flame to heat your herbs rather than relying on a battery or power point. This removes the need to charge your device so it’s ready to go 24/7.


Due to the small size and ultra-lightweight titanium body, the Omnivong can be taken on the go anywhere, anytime! Due to the only requirement being a lighter, users can pre pack a bowl before leaving the house, and easily fit both the M and a lighter into their pocket. 

What's in the box? 

  • 1 x Dynavap Omnivong w/ Dark Wood body
  • 1 x Airtight Carrying Tube