Our Mission

We're Session Eleven, an online store for vaporizers based out of Melbourne, Australia. We started with a simple idea: time is all we have and so smoking takes everything from us. It started as a personal choice, then became a message spread among friends. Now, we’re passing it on to you.

The more we worked on the business the more we realised that it should be more than a business. We want to share news about vaping, analyse the latest research and source the best damned products on the planet.

Smoking kills thousands of Australians every year, mostly through cancer. For many of us, consuming tobacco or other substances is not something that will stop soon. Our aim isn’t to tell you what to do, it’s to give you the best and safest equipment to do it with.

Vaporizing significantly reduces the risks of inhaling plant matter in comparison to smoking. In dry herb vapes no plant material gets burned leading to far less tar and carcinogens entering our lungs. With e-cigarettes, vaping is estimated to be 95% safer than smoking according to a study from Public Health England in 2015.

Our mission is harm minimisation and we’ll stop at no end to find the safest and most effective vaporizers for you. At Session Eleven, we’re not here to tell you what not to do, we’re here to make sure you do it right. We want to give you peace of mind when you make your choices and to minimise their impact so you can enjoy life, for longer.

We’ll provide you with up-to-date news on vaping in Australia. We’ll make how-to’s and how-not-to’s. We'll break down the latest research into bite sized chunks. And yes, we will provide dank memes. We don’t want to be just another retailer. We want to be a movement, a community,  a news source and a force for good. We’ll stop at no end to please our customers and our ears will always be open.

Smoking is for cavemen, and you’re better than that. Be part of the future.

Be part of Session Eleven.